- Rock X Siri

Siri can make anyone more productive. And to prove it, we paired Siri with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the world’s busiest actor/producer/wrestler/entrepreneur for the busiest day in history. In our centerpiece short film, The Rock uses Siri to propel himself to even greater heights of absurd productivity. "Dominate the Day" was the first film launched through a custom Siri command that triggered the film to play on your iPhone. To fuel exposure, content was first seeded with The Rock’s fans, followed by a coordinated push across TV, PR, digital and social, generating mass-media coverage.



TBWA / Media Arts Lab
Creative direction by Jeremy Wirth, Greg Greenberg
Directed by Brian Buckley of Hungryman Productions
Produced by Exhile

The long form film became one of the most watched ads of 2017 without ever running on TV. Most important, the campaign drove an average of 185 million new Siri requests per week—and people kept using Siri, even after the campaign ended, which goes to show that “Dominate the Day” didn’t just cut through the clutter, it drove behavior.

We snuck in a number of easter eggs into our spot, including original magazine covers and Youtube titles. An iPhone background of the Rock in his throwback 80's gear that I pitched even became an internet sensation. We were also able to convince Apple to embed a unique Siri command into the phone as a part of the campaign. We also ran a live animated movie-poster like film on instagram, advertising the film