Hold It Down
- Documentary Film

Mute until the age of three, Justin Fisher grew up constantly struggling with symptoms of autism. His mother Janine Fisher, was relentless in finding the help that he needed. Justin’s diagnosis was a “death sentence” and credits music therapy as a catalyst that helped Justin to get over his fear of sounds.



FullSliced Production
Produced by Jacquelynne Causey
Created by Yelena Sophia & Mikaela Weaver

We self funded and self produced this documentary that tells Justin’s story. The film received national attention and spoke to the hearts and minds of parents who are raising children with autism.

In middle school, Justin was introduced to hip hop and began writing music. While his friends focused their attention elsewhere, Justin stuck with it. Our story picks up at an annual battle rap in April, following Justin as he deals with the stress of not only the event, but the loss of his dad.