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- Babes in the Dirt

A now-annual pilgrimage to the California desert, Babes in the Dirt continues to grow. With 700 participants, this year’s event came hot on the heels of Babes Ride Out. In a campout surrounded by hundreds of women laying down tracks in the dirt, it becomes more and more claer that women on a motorcycle are not, and should not be an anomoly.



Motorcylist Magazine
Art Directed by Ralph Hermens
Editor Chris Cantle

Riders linger under a rare treat for city dwellers: a sky full of stars. Babes in the Dirt is as unique as that celestial canopy, a homegrown international riding mecca for women in a time when the motorcycle industry is finally waking up to the fact that half the world’s population wants to do more than just ride pillion. Ride on.

Following the release of this article, Motorcyclist enrolled me to run a “How to Tie-Dye your motorcycle” illustration and write up, featuring the wacky spray painted color schme I had done on my 2004 CRF 250x.