Take the Lead
- TBWA \ MAL Initiative

10.20.16 - Washington (CNN) - In the final moments of the final presidential debate, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton was "such a nasty woman" while she was answering a question about how she would raise taxes on the rich to tackle debt and entitlements if she were to become president. In fact, most women who made marks on history have been labeled everything from ”bossy” to “badly-behaved” and worse. To commemorate the women’s day, we created a poster campaign that contrasts the negative labels women have been given in history with the incredible achievements they made.



TBWA \ Media Arts Lab
Creative Direction by Laurel Carlyle Stone

In celebration of Women’s Day, we went back to our Shot on iPhone archive of contributors and selected 14 women who photographed 14 portraits of other women. The gallery, titled ‘Women by Women’ was displayed around the agency.