Rock X Siri

Siri can make anyone more productive. And to prove it, we paired Siri with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the world’s busiest actor / producer / wrestler / entrepreneur for the busiest day in history. In our center piece short film, The Rock uses Siri to propel himself to even greater heights of absurd productivity.

Showcase all the things that Siri can do.

My role:

"Dominate the Day" was the first film launched through a custom Siri command that triggered the film to play on your iPhone. To fuel exposure, content was first seeded with The Rock’s fans, followed by a coordinated push across TV, PR, digital and social, generating mass-media coverage.

My Role

This was the biggest production of my career to date. My partner Kevin Fitz and I were on this project from day one. We were the first juniors to ever work on a global campaign at Media Arts Lab at the time. After securing a smart way for Apple to use Siri in TV bumpers, we jumped onto the project to concept the ideas, pitch scripts, come up with scenarios to build the main spot, concept social ideas, and internationalize the extensions across every market.


TBWA / Media Arts LabCreative Direction by Greg Greenberg and Jeremy Wirth

Directed by Brian Buckley of Hungryman Productions

Produced by Exhile