Karma Automotive

Karma Automotive designs, engineers, and markets luxury electric vehicles, all from its Southern California base of operations.

This original book of stories and articles humanizes and highlights the most interesting parts of the automotive experience.


Concept + Edit

Chris Nelson


In 2018 I became a regular contributor to the longest running print motorcycle magazine in America.

In this story, "Country as Canvas" my copywriting
partner Anders and I framed the desert badlands
as the wild west to explore land art.


Photography + Content

Chris Cantle, Editor

The Oddity
of Japanese

For another piece, the editor turned me on to cover a unique form of racing that only exists in Japan.
I traveled there and documented my findings.

"Stands are filled with onlookers peering over an asphalt
circuit, the crowd full of bidders anxiously filling out their betting cards. There's a eerie music-box like tune,  
and as it grows faster, gates in the corner of the track
lift to reveal eight motorcycles rolling into formation.

This is Japanese Autorace"

Photography + Content

Chris Cantle, Editor


In my past lifetime, I commuted to work with
a leopard. His name was Bubbles.
That experience really chased the
scaries out of me. No project can bite
as hard as a big cat with a silly
name on a chain a mere five feet behind
your jugular.

Turns out it's helpful to approach things
in life without fear. Especially as a
freelance art director at the office.

I believe that great work comes from
finding the unexpected benefit or
kernel of truth. I also believe in stories,
smart thinking, and the weird & wonderful.
And if it's not already clear,
I love the impact of color.

In my spare time I fix old homes,
ride motorcycles, and avoid makeup.