With the launch of the new Mazda 3, Mazda was determined to join a more premium positioning in automotive manufacturing.

By shedding their old "Zoom Zoom" tagline, they re-invented themselves as the brand that welcomes their consumers to "Feel Alive."

Launch Mazda3 into the world

My role:
Storyboard Art Direction, Campaign Extensions

I was brought in during a pivotal point to concept new ideas for this campaign line,and help formulate extensions. Over the course of my few months at Mazda, our creative team crafted the tone, look, feel and story of the campaign.


To capture the attention of a new audience, Mazda forged a partnership with Nat Geo. Our concept to create a series of vertical films featuring roads on the Nat Geo platform transformed into a contest that challenged users to capture and share extraordinary moments, thereby competing for a shot
to go on an assignment with Nat Geo themselves.

My Role

My partner, Evan Brown, and I wrote various options of the TV spot, and came up with scenarios for each story. We crafted the look and feel of each extension that rose to the top. I also worked closely with a storyboard artist to produce what each TV direction would look like - many of the scenes did make it into the final production. Overall, it was a huge collaborative effort on behalf of our team that then stayed on to put the work out into the world.


Team Garage Mazda
Copywriting by Evan Brown
Creative Direction by Renato Braga
Directed by John Hillcoat