Karma Automotive designs, engineers, and markets luxury electric vehicles, all from its Southern California base of operations.

This original book of stories and articles humanizes and highlights the most interesting parts of the automotive experience.

Concept, Words and Edit:


"Pursue pleasure, pursue life" are the opening and closing statements for Karma Automotive's first ever brand book. In totality it reads a solid 175 crispy pages with a white cover that absorbs your finger print as you touch it. The book is a complialion of magazine style articles and stories - spanning from new to the familiar. All in celebration of the people and stories that uphold the Karma Automotive principles and progress.


Revero GT overview
Photography by Sandon Voelker

Gary Nichols profile
Photography by Steve West
California Touring
Story by Mallory Anna Emerson, Chris Nelson, & Michael Sit

Karma Paradox
Illustrations by Moron Eel

What Makes a Karma?
Photography by Sandon Voelker

Aleem & Victor profile
Photography by Yuriy Manchik

SC1 overview
Photography by Kev Bennet

Artwork by Stan Squirewell

Krisiti Ritoch profile
Photography by Chris Nelson

As A contributor to the longest running print motorcycle magazine in America, i worked on the folowing articles.

In this story, "Country as Canvas" my copywriting partner Anders and I framed the desert badlands as the wild west to explore land art.


Babes in the Dirt // Motorcyclist
Women's Motorcycle Show // Iron & Air
Japanese Autorace // Motorcyclist
Country as Canvas // Motorcycle
Keanu Reeves' Motorcycle Is an Extremely Exotic Evil-Handling Machine // Road & Track
Personalize The Plastics On Your Motorcycle // Motorcyclist