What if you could wrap yourself up in your favorite food?

Sonic Drive In
Art Director
360 Campaign
360 Campaign

As COVID changed everything, drive thu's became increasingly important in our world. We worked together to shift a brand new Sonic campaign to promote a safe space for families that could have access to pretty tasty food.

Brief: Launch new food products into a crazy COVID world.

The new ads feature families and friend-group families that are multigenerational, covering different backgrounds, ages and relationships. The representational nature of the ads is an effort to imbue them with greater authenticity.

My Role

Working with a team that had to completely re-strucure when COVID-19 hit, I assisted with post production on a dozen of Q2 spots and begin the concepts for the early stages of Q3. My writing partner Devin Altman and I then returned to assist with the development, production, and finishing of select items for Q4. During that time, we also sold the idea to make Halloween cup costumes. Oh, and adult sized chili cheese sleeping wraps, naturally.


Mother LA 

Sonic Drive In Team 

Creative Direction by Brandon Davis, Pilar Peace and Joe Staples


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