Global Campaign

Apple - One Night Shot on iPhone

Twenty-two photographers. Sixteen countries. Six continents. One magical night.
Showcase the power of the iPhone.

Apple Asked us to show off how well the iPhone camera works in low-light situations. Our solution was a global campaign that turned the billboards of the world into a gallery. To produce the campaign, we commissioned 22 everyday iPhone users across 6 continents to capture photos of a single night on earth, from dusk to dawn.

Since the inception of the term and the standard of quality portrayed, Apple has astonished users with how a phone that is inches in length can click a photo that can go up on a billboard that is (for example) 14 feet high and 48 feet wide. As a result, Shot on iPhone became one of the most iconic marketing campaigns in history.

Apple | Media Arts Lab

Concepted ideas for the One Night Shot on iPhone campaign, pitched hundreds of scenarios and photographers, created unique digital work that complimented the concept and showed off our users’ incredible creativity around the world.


Media Arts Lab

Copywriter | Andrew Boyer

Creatives | Chaz Whitworth & Evan Brown

Creative Directors | Adam Alshin & Antoine Choussat