The Gift of Go

In this global digital campaign, Apple asked Media Arts Lab to show how the Apple Watch is the gift that continuously activates a healthier life. We thought about all the unique ways that people gift, and settled on this conceptual direction that creates a wrapping paper. We enrolled Carol Serrano to direct our spot because of his expertise with photographing sports and the body.

Brief: Create an Apple Watch holiday campaign
My role: Art Direction, Production
Advertising, Social Media, Holiday

Social Media Campaign Holiday Campaign

My Role

My partner Kevin Fitz and I came up with different concepts to answer the brief. Although our concept did not win the pitch, we stayed on to form the look and feel of these spots. I pitched all the styling, heavily weighed in on music selections brought up by the music team, and helped to create the pre-production bible and select the optimal ratios for the creative across paid social.

We enrolled a puppeteer to help us create the tabletop effect of paper getting ripped off the package. Our puppeteer would rip the paper at just the right moment to make the effect real. The magical feeling of getting it just right elicited cheers from the whole team.


TBWA / Media Arts Lab
Directed by Carlos Serrao
Creative Direction by Greg Shadwick & Danny Duran
Edited by Rock Paper Scissors
Sound Design by Lime Studios