Shot on iPhone

Apple asked us to exhibit the power of the iPhone camera over the summer. We conducted a massive internet-wide search to identify the very best user generated content. The very best clips were turned into short films that were released on Apple’s YouTube channel over the course of the summer. We then matched our films with fun tracks that would make them into stories.

Allison Murphy and I worked on iPhone Summer films, and supported them through production. We found the clips, edited the best moments, and helped to transform Apple's media into a gallery.

Brief: Showcase the power of the iPhone Camera
My role: Art Direction
Advertising, Campaign


One Night
on iPhone

Apple tasked us to show off how well the iPhone camera works in low-light situations. Our solution was a global campaign that showcased 22 everyday iPhone users across 6 continents, capturing one single night on Earth, from dusk to dawn. We created a global billboard campaign and unique digital work that complimented the concept and showed off our users’ incredible creativity around the world.

Brief: Show off the low-light capabilities of the new iPhone

My role: Art Director

My Role

For the One Night Shot on iPhone campaign, my partner Andy Boyer and I assisted from day one. We came up with hundreds of ideas for content, pitched photographers, and helped with the internationalization of all the billboards and making each selection. We also produced an original app-based experience with the head of UX design, Erik Lund.

I stayed with the Shot on iPhone family even longer to support the launch of @apple Instagram. I helped edit and pitch stories for the grid, and came back to the campaign again this spring for more original content.