Karma Automotive
Volume One

"Pursue pleasure, pursue life" are the opening and closing statements for Karma Automotive's first ever brand book. In totality it reads a solid 175 crispy pages with a white cover that absorbs your finger print as you touch it. The book is a complialion of magazine style articles and stories - spanning from new to the familiar. All in celebration of the people and stories that uphold the Karma Automotive principles and progress.

Concept, Words and Edit : Chris Neslon
My role: Desiner, Creative Partner, Production

Printed by: Flash Reproductions


Revero GT overview
Photography by Sandon Voelker

Gary Nichols profile
Photography by Steve West
California Touring
Story by Mallory Anna Emerson, Chris Nelson, & Michael Sit

Karma Paradox
Illustrations by Moron Eel

What Makes a Karma?
Photography by Sandon Voelker

Aleem & Victor profile
Photography by Yuriy Manchik

SC1 overview
Photography by Kev Bennet

Artwork by Stan Squirewell

Krisiti Ritoch profile
Photography by Chris Nelson